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Our offering

We provide full prescription services.

We strive to offer consistent information and services to help you take commendable health decision. Apart from offering over the counter medicines, we undertake health screening for the manageable conditions like blood pressure, cholesterol and weight management.

Health screening

Prevention is always better than cure.

The prime objective of health screening is identifying the ‘at risk’ patients and get them medical attention as soon as possible. The screening services offered by us include blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure monitoring and liver function test. The screening tests are not always done for making final diagnosis, they help to detect the risk factor for certain disease.

Weight Management

Weight loss and healthy lifestyle not just aids with feeling better, but can also prevent the chronic health conditions.

We specialise in 1 to 1 weight management solutions. If you are really serious about weight loss, we can help. Our trained professionals advise based on hard scientific facts, recommending a wide range of minerals, vitamins and supplements. Get in touch with us for more details.

Health Promotion Events

Health promotion helps to make positive changes in the lifestyle, improving the long-term health.

Improved health enhances productivity and raises the morale. Our health promotion events allow to increase control over, improving health. We care for you and we run an array of health promotions through the year.

Custom Orthotic Manufacture

We design and manufacture custom orthotics. You can avail superior bespoke foot orthoses accommodating challenging foot types at Life Pharmacy.

Apart from custom orthotics, we offer an array of orthotic insoles as well as foot care products.

Food Intollerance Testing

Food intolerance refers to difficulty in digesting a few foods. Foods that are chiefly connected with food intolerance are dairy products, grains containing gluten and foods that lead to intestinal gas build-up like cabbage and beans.

We come with a wide range of tests in the privacy of our consulting room to find out whether your diet is making you ill.

Consultation Room

We respect the privacy of our patients and come with a trained team who understand your needs and can meet the highest standards.

If you need to speak to us in privacy, there is a purpose designed consultation room. We come with an in-store consulting room where you can discuss the medication options.

Customer Service

Life can provide you with excellent advice and aims to help people take more control of their own health by providing you with both service and support tailored to your needs.

We are happy to guide our customers in making informed health decisions for living well. We have created a customer-focused environment where our pharmacists are equipped with the tools to efficiently deliver best-in-class service and advice. If you have any questions, our pharmacists will provide you with all the advice you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We can provide advice helping to promote health, and offer support tailored to meet all needs.

We train our people, helping them improve through ongoing training. You are our vital asset and we offer you guidance in taking more informed decisions to live well. If you have any queries on leading a healthy lifestyle, our pharmacists can help you.

Excellent Advice

You can rely on our team of professionals to offer guidance on health issues. We also offer the requisite products, tools and services to help lead a healthier lifestyle.